At GMC we believe in the power of prayer.

We pray with expectation and many of us have experienced answers to prayer.  It's the unique way of communicating with God our Father.  If you feel that you are in need of prayer then please fill in a prayer request so that we and other prayer warriors can pray for you and your situation.
Whatever your situation, whether work life, personal life, health or life's general worries, or perhaps you know someone who needs prayer - We would love to pray for you.
You can write your real name or just leave an initial for the person you want praying for.  Don't worry, God knows who you are and what you need prayer for.

Gillespie Prayer Calendar for January


1st Give thanks for a new year. Ask God to lead you through the coming year.
2nd Thank God for sending His son to earth. Pray that the love God gives us becomes fresh in your life.
3rd Give thanks for the rest and sleep you’ve had. Pray for those who have difficulty sleeping.
4th Give thanks for our church family. Pray for anyone who comes to mind right now.
5th Give thanks for all your family. Pray for those who have no one.
6th Thank God for our schools. Pray for teachers, pupils and support staff.
7th Thank God for our minister. Pray he will continue to be led by the Holy Spirit.
8th Thank God for wise people in your life. Pray that you’ll hear God’s voice and act on it.
9th Thank God for your uniqueness. Pray that you’ll know your special gifts and how to use them.
10th Thank God for everyone working in our Health Services. Pray for those who are depending on our NHS right now.
11th Give thanks for the children supported by Compassion. Pray for children in Scotland with mental health issues.
12th Thank God for having enough food to eat. Pray for those who don’t have access to clean water.
13th Give thanks for our children. Pray about how to nurture our children in church.
14th Thank God for the world we live in. Pray that we will look after our planet.
15th Give thanks for the people who’ve helped you in your life. Pray for Alpha.
16th Thank God for His love for you. Consider how to respond to God’s love.
17th Thank God for close relationships. Pray for those who are hurting after the death of loved ones.
18th Thank God for our men. Pray for the men’s breakfast.
19th Give thanks for freedom to worship God. Pray for those who are in danger because of their faith.
20th Thank God that we can change. Pray for anyone who is feeling low today.
21st Thank God for the health you have. Pray for folk you know are sick.
22nd Give thanks for safety. Pray for Syria.
23rd Thank God for the gift of prayer. Pray that you’ll want to spend all the time in conversation with God.
24th Thank God for the faithfulness of our elderly. Ask God to help us to continue to share His love.
25th Give thanks for our country. Pray that those in authority will seek God.
26th Thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit. Pray that we will call on the Holy Spirit to help and guide us.
27th Thank God for people who go to other countries to share His love. Pray for our mission partners.
28th Thank God for beauty in nature. Pray we will see God’s handiwork in the natural world.
29th Thank God for being with us through storms. Pray we will become aware of how close God is to us.
30th Thank God for people who help us. Pray for Young Carers.
31st Thank God for our seasons and signs of Spring. Pray that our lives will change to become more like Jesus.