relevantly GM3 – A NEW MINISTRY for 2021!

In response to changing needs within the community and the effects of Covid.19, Gillespie Memorial Church has merged and expanded our previous projects F3(Food for Families) and The Glen Ministry into a new venture, GM3 which came into being on January 1st 2021.

GM3 aims are to provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to members of our local community, which will ultimately be through 3 functions using our multi-purpose Gillespie Centre as the hub of operations:

  1. Meet practical needs whether food, fuel or crisis on a one-off basis and refer to agencies to assist with the root cause of the need.
  2. Provide a level of pastoral support to meet the emotional needs of those who approach us and require longer term support.
  3. Establish a Workplace Chaplaincy to meet the emotional needs of those in the wider business community, particularly in view of the challenges faced as a result of Covid:19.

The ethos of GM3 is encompassed by the words of Jesus, found in John 15.12 – “Love one Another”

We as a Christian community know the need to rely solely on God`s love for us and so, in his strength we aim to love others unconditionally.

Quetiapine and Quetiapine If you wish to access help and support through GMC please call or text on 07958 657 912. Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

If you wish to financially support the work of GM3 please click the link (Please ensure you note GM3 as the reference for your donation), or contact the office (01383 621 253 | for details to make an electronic payment