Coming Soon for 2021 – GM3!

In response to changing needs within the community and the effects of Covid.19, we are gradually merging and expanding our existing projects F3(Food for Families) and The Glen Ministry into a new venture ,GM3 .This will start on January 1st 2021.

GM3 will ultimately have 3 functions:

  1. Meet practical needs whether food, fuel or crisis on a one-off basis and refer to agencies to assist with the root cause of the need.
  2. Provide a Listening Service to meet the emotional needs of those who approach us and require longer term support.
  3. Establish a Workplace Chaplaincy to meet the emotional needs of those in the wider community particularly in view of the challenges faced as a result of Covid:19.

The ethos of GM3 will be “Love one Another” John 15:12.

We rely solely on God`s love for us. In his strength, we aim to love others unconditionally.