At GMC we believe prayer is at the heart of our church.  We have various prayer groups, coming together to pray for healing, the community, national and international issues.  We have received many answers to prayers and occasions of healing in people’s lives.

The Covid19 pandemic has of course altered how we meet to pray, but it hasn’t stopped us praying!

Pre COVID we met every Sunday at 9.45am (with coffee/tea are available) in our Upper Room to bring to the Lord our prayers and petitions, preparing ourselves and the Lord’s house for the worship service at 10.30am.

When we can gather we have Reflective Time, taking place on the SECOND Thursday of the month – meeting in the ‘Upper Room’ or in the sanctuary at 7.30pm. This is a led time of quiet space and reflection.

Praise and Prayer evenings took place on the THIRD Thursday of the month – meeting in the church sanctuary at 7.30pm.

For the moment, we meet regularly in prayer every Thursday evening via zoom at 7.30pm. Please feel free to join us or if you have any prayer request you can send them to us and they will be sent and prayed over by our prayer chain. (email for the Zoom link)




If you would like prayer for any reason you can email us with your request at