Gillespie Youth Church (GYC) met regularly every Sunday virtually during lockdown via Zoom, where we enjoyed chatting, quizzing, scavenger hunting, games and cooking, all seasoned with God’s love.  We even baked, filmed and produced a “Gingerbread Nativity” for Christmas 2020 for the whole Church to enjoy as part of the on-line Nativity Service

Genuine warm relationships are one of the most important things to GYC. Our relationship with God (whether or not we have one), ourselves, each other, our family, our friends, our teachers, our leaders, our country, our world.   

At the moment, GYC mainly consists of high school young adults – we may be small but we are mighty!

With the easing of restrictions, we are now able to meet in the Gillespie Centre right next to the Church at 10.30am every Sunday whilst the main Church Service is on. Table tennis  and breakfast-like snacks are provided, before we get down to ‘the chat’.

Currently, we are working our way through Rebecca McLaughlin’s book ’10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity’ which is proving enlightening for both the young adults and the youth leaders.

Did you know that Jesus spent more time asking questions and listening, rather than telling people what to do.

GYC is a welcoming, hopeful, fun, friendly, Jesus-Centred Community safe space where it is ok to query, question and challenge….or just sit still, eat, and listen.

All school ages are welcome at GYC with biblical crafts and activities available for the younger children.

So come and join us and see what all the Good News ‘chat’ is about.