Such a big question.  But we may find ourselves asking such a question and others too such as …

… What am I doing on earth?

… What is the point of life?

… What is the purpose of my life?

— Where am I heading?

Alpha enables us to come together as we seek to in open conversation understand some of the answers the Christian faith brings to these questions.  We share food and fellowship, a time of watching a video, then build relationships as we talk and discuss freely and opening the points raised during the evening.

GMC we will be running Alpha starting on TUESDAY 10th JANUARY at 6.30pm!

This is an opportunity for people of faith and noen, singles, couples, families and friend, to come and receive their evening meal together in the company of others, watch a short video before taking time to ask questions. Call us to register and engage in the Alpha course.

To register your interest contact: 01383 621 253 or email 

Watch the introduction video to find out more!