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Wellwood is a village in the northern part of Dunfermline. In 2004 it became part of the Gillespie Memorial Church parish. The village had never had a church presence of any kind before and ‘incomers’ were viewed with considerable suspicion.

Members of the congregation were challenged about the isolation of the village and reached out to the local community. An initial foray into Wellwood to introduce Gillespie and deliver Easter Eggs was met with outright hostility. After much prayer and discussion, plans were made to take a large tent to the local park in the summer of 2006. J in the Park, or Jesus in the Park, was born

For 5 years we supported week long summer activities for all ages, including crafts, drama, games and of course worship. People professed faith and were baptised but it became clear that ‘traditional’ church would never be the way forward for Wellwood.

We wanted to put this work on a longer-term footing and felt that we should establish a permanent presence in the village, a safe place for young people to be themselves and a place for the community to meet, which could also become a fresh expression of church.

Funding was obtained from Church, Trust and Council sources. With the first years rent taken care of we were able to lease an empty shop unit which was converted for community activities. These premises were known locally as 'The Well'. The premises has now closed but the Well continues in its new home at the Salvation Army Hall, formerly the Wellwood Community Centre..


The Well, was originally a ‘Community-Hub’, supporting a wide range of community activities for different age groups and different life interests with a focus on building community. The initial 5 years of summer activities took us from the threat of fire-bombing to building strong relationships with the community. We now have a lively youth group that meets on a Monday evening at the Salvation Army Hall in Wellwood. The Well is also where the Wellwood Gala was resurrected. The village had not held a gala in many years so in the summer of 2012 a group of villagers, supported by members from Gillespie, formed a committee that planned and put on a tremendous day of activities bringing the whole village together. Over the intervening years the Gala has gone from strength to strength. Still supportted by members of Gillespie The Community Council and the Gala committe meet regularly to plan community events. If you would like to explore ideas of how you might become involved in this exciting new Fresh Expression of Church, then please contact Linda or Shirley.


F3 started in 2015 under the auspices of Gillespie Memorial Church and assisted by Dalgety Parish Church. Its main role is to supply fresh food to families with school age and under children during school holidays. This is to “boost” their resources further, as the free school meals that are unavailable during the holidays, leading to parents doing without food to ensure their children eat. It operates only during the Fife school holidays and assists families predominantly in the Dunfermline area. Funding for the 2016/17 school year has been secured. F3 works in close collaboration with the Dunfermline Advice Hub (“the Hub”) who have been critical to the successful operation of F3 allowing the Hub to be used as a pick up point for Service Users. As part of the key philosophy of the project we remain open to working in partnership with other agencies and organisations in attempting to meet the need that is in our community. Both these ministries are faith based, on the basis that they are assistance provided is a practical demonstration of God’s love for our community. The help is provided to people of all or no faith, without discrimination. No commitment or response is sought nor expected from service users. .